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A Message From Elder Spotts

August 3, 2022


Greetings Sovereign Grace Conference family in the name that is above every name, Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God.


I thought it a good thing to once again Praise our God for the Sovereign Grace Conference and Y.E.S Conference 2022.By God’s grace, this year’s conference exceeded all that we could ask or think in attendance, teaching, preaching and fellowship. Elder Herman Washington and Elder Garry Spotts filled our hearts and minds with biblical truth that has and will impact our lives for years to come.  Every man of God was used in powerful and uniquely different ways, all to the glory of God the Father and Jesus Christ our redeemer. This year’s conference was exceptionally kissed by God the Holy Ghost and His presence and power was witnessed at every session.

Elder Greg M Spotts Headshot Cropped.png

I want to give a special honor and thanksgiving to the Lord for Ariunne “Pooh” Daniels. She is a God-given jewel to me, the New Home Church family and to our beloved conference.  My soul rejoices over my beloved New Home Church family for not only their financial sacrifices long before the conference assembles, but also for their love for the body of Christ that comes here from all over the nation every year. New Home makes me so happy and proud to be her pastor.


It is my prayer that the Lord will find it in His Sovereign will to allow us to come together in 2023. I pray that you would set aside the dates of July 18th-20th, 2023 for the 37th session of the Annual Sovereign Grace Bible Conference. If it is God's will, we will see you in 2023. We pray the Lord’s rich and abundant grace be with you all.


Because of Christ,

Elder G. M. Spotts

Conference Servant & Leader

Welcome to the 37th Sovereign Grace Bible Conference
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