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2021 Sovereign Grace Bible Conference Letter Elder G.M. Spotts

2021 SOVEREIGN GRACE BIBLE CONFERENCE New Home Missionary Baptist Church 2809 13th Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37407 Phone (423) 752.4001 * Fax (423) 752-4002

In Memoriam

Elder D. J. Ward, Conference Founder

Dear Sovereign Grace Conference Family,

I know it has been some time since we last spoke. However, I felt compelled to reach out to you. I know these have been challenging times for all of us and death has left gaping holes in our hearts and our fellowship. As I continue to prayerfully evaluate the Covid-19 data, it appears by God’s grace to be on the decrease. I wanted to get feedback from you to see if an abbreviated Sovereign Grace Conference would be viable near the end of Summer and the beginning of the fall, Thursday, September 2nd through Saturday September 4th. My goal would be to start Thursday at noon and end Saturday at noon, which is similar to the format of our Women of Grace Conference.

Of course, these dates are tentative based on the status of Covid-19 in our nation at that time. Safety and wisdom are always a priority in all we do. For those who are unable to attend physically, we will livestream all of our services. Based on your response to these dates and your registration, I will assemble the Grace Conference committee to spearhead and organize the conference for these dates. I pray it can be found in the will of our Sovereign God to allow us to come together once again.

Also, because we have received few yearly donations as in the past (due to Covid-19), we are asking for a $25.00 registration fee for each adult and $15.00 for children under 16 years of age. This is a fraction of almost all other conferences and your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please submit your registration form to Fees can be paid by Cash App @ $GreaterNewHomeChurch or mailed to New Home Baptist Church, 2809 13th Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37407, payable to Sovereign Grace Conference. Thank you for your faithful gifts to the Conference. If you have any questions, please contact Sis. Pooh Daniels at (423) 504-1826.

Of course, we will follow all Covid-19 CDC protocols when we assemble. Please be in prayer for us as we endeavor to go forward in the name of our Lord and soon coming King, Jesus our Christ.

Because of Christ,

Elder G. M. Spotts

Conference Leader

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