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2021 Sovereign Grace Bible Conference Cancellation Letter Elder G.M. Spotts

2021 SOVEREIGN GRACE BIBLE CONFERENCE New Home Missionary Baptist Church 2809 13th Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37407 Phone (423) 752.4001 * Fax (423) 752-4002

In Memoriam

Elder D. J. Ward, Conference Founder

Dear Sovereign Grace Conference Family,

It pains me to pen this letter to our beloved conference. Yet, after much prayer and consideration and reaching out to many conference pastors and leaders, I thought it wise to postpone the Grace Conference until the Lord gives us clearance to reconvene. I have made it my earnest desire to err on the side of caution and considering the health and well-being of God’s people. After considering the very high increase of Covid-19 in Tennessee and especially in the Chattanooga area, prayerfully cancelling the Conference was the only reasonable and rational decision. Some may not agree with this decision, but if one life is put into jeopardy, it would haunt me the rest of my days.

I, along with all your New Home Family miss you all greatly and it is our sincere prayer and desire to come together again under safer and secure conditions. Please pray for us and know we will continue to petition The Lord for you and your well-being. Please be patient as we send refunds to all who have submitted conference registration fees. We love you and hope and pray it is the Lord’s will for us to come together once again on this side of Glory.

Grace and peace to you all.

Because of Christ,

Elder G. M. Spotts

Conference Leader

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